NOTICE: THIS TRIAL HAS NOW FILLED. All entries received at this time will be placed on the Wait List until that list is filled.
If you recently entered the trial, you will receive an email within 24-36 hours informing you of the status of your entry. You do not need to send a request for a status update. Everyone who has not yet been informed of their entry status will be receiving an email soon. For your convenience, all of the links below, including to the entry form and the payment page, will continue to work.
To submit your Scent Work Trial entries online, go to the Scent Work Trial Entry Form.
To pay your entry fees for the Scent Work Trial, or for information about your entry fee payment options, go to the Entry Fee Payment page.
Remember that both your entry form(s) and your entry fees must have been received by 5:00 PM EDT on Wednesday, July 24, 2019, to be a timely pre-entry. Entries received after that time will be considered late or Day-of-Trial entries.
The premium list for the Scent Work Trial is available for download here.
If you have any questions or problems regarding your Scent Work Trial entries or fee payment, please email the Scent Work Trial Secretary at